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Downloading, compiling and installing Arcus

Download Java

Download the latest Java Runtime Environment for your platform. It is needed to run Arcus.

Download the latest Java Development Kit. You only need this if you want to compile Arcus.

Download Arcus

Arcus is released in the following formats:

Windows Installer This is the recommended choice for Windows users. It properly installs Arcus so that it perfectly integrates into your desktop, registers file associations, and creates shortcuts.
Linux Installer This contains the executable jar, a launch script and a pattern collection (also available from here).
Executable Java Archive This is the platform independent format. It should work on all platforms having the required Java environment. It contains all precompiled class files and images used by the program. Just type the command java -jar arcus-X.Y.Z.jar and enjoy.
Source code Get the source code and take the plunge into it. You will need javac or some other java compiler if you decide to compile it yourself.

You can download all releases from the SourceForge project page.

Compiling Arcus

If you decide to compile Arcus, first get the latest source release and follow these steps:

$ tar xvzf arcus-X.Y.Z-source.tar.gz
$ cd arcus-X.Y.Z-source
$ make

To run Arcus, type

$ java arcus.Main


UNIX/Linux Users:

Download the Linux installer, extract to /usr/local (so the content will be placed in /usr/local/arcus):

$ tar xvzf arcus-X.Y.Z-setup-linux.tar.gz -C /usr/local/
Create a symbolic link to the launch script:
$ ln -s /usr/local/arcus-X.Y.Z/arcus /usr/local/bin

You can now type arcus to start the application.

Windows Users:

Download and start the installer which will guide you through the installation process. The offered default settings should provide an adequate configuration, but you may want to change them. Here are some hints to make decisions easier.

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